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Typ produktu Česká technická norma (ČSN)
Oznaèení zákl. dokumentu ČSN EN 14236
Tøídicí znak 257864
Katalogové èíslo 506586
Název dokumentu Ultrazvukové plynoměry pro domácnost
Anglický název Ultrasonic domestic gas meters
Datum vydání 01.04.2019
Datum ukonèení platnosti
Datum úèinnosti 01.05.2019
Vìstník vydání (mìs/rok) 4/19
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Použité jazyky
ICS kódy 91.140.40 - Systémy dodávky plynu v budovách
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Harmonizace/Urèení Informace o harmonizovaných a urèených normách jsou zveøejnìny v Databázi harmonizovaných norem
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OznaèeníRok vydání
EN 142362018
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Katalogové èísloOznaèeníRok vydání
78309ČSN EN 14236 2007
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ČSN EN 14236 This European Standard specifies requirements and tests for the construction, performance and safety of class 1,0 and class 1,5 battery powered ultrasonic gas meters (hereinafter referred to as meters), having co-axial single pipe, or two pipe connections, used to measure volumes of distributed fuel gases of the second and/or third family, as given in EN 437, at maximum working pressures not exceeding 0,5 bar1) and maximum actual flow rates of up to 10 m3/h over a minimum ambient temperature range of -10 °C to +40 °C, and minimum gas temperature span of 40 K, for domestic applications. This European Standard applies to meters where the measuring element and the register(s) are enclosed in the same case. This European Standard applies to meters with and without built-in temperature conversion, that are installed in locations with vibration and shocks of low significance and in - closed locations (indoor or outdoor with protection as specified by the manufacturer) with condensing or with non-condensing humidity or, if specified by the manufacturer, - open locations (outdoor without any covering) with condensing humidity or with non-condensing humidity and in locations with electromagnetic disturbances. Unless otherwise stated, all pressures given in this European Standard are gauge pressures. When more than one meter type is submitted for testing, then each meter type is required to be tested against this European Standard. Clauses 1 to 15 and Annex C are for design and type testing only. NOTE: See Annex A for production requirements. 1) 1 bar = 1 000 mbar = 105 Pa.